Aubrey’s Attic Discussion Questions

Aubrey's Attic cover

Copyright 2014 Illustration by Aaron Lloyd

Discussion Questions for Aubrey’s Attic

We’ve prepared the following discussion questions for Aubrey’s Attic with book clubs in mind. Enjoy!

Download these questions as a PDF document.


1.     In the first scene of Aubrey’s Attic, Sophia and Sadie pick blackberries. Have you ever gone berry picking? Where? What is your favorite berry dessert?

2.     Butte des Morts, Wisconsin, is a real place. Can you find it on a map? How far is it from Green Bay? Milwaukee? Madison?

3.     Butte des Morts celebrates Carp Fest each summer. Does the community you live in have an annual summer festival? What is your favorite thing to do there?

4.     Aubrey can do one-handed cartwheels. What is your best gymnastics move?

5.     Aubrey auditions for a part in a local history play. Have you ever auditioned for a play? How did you feel while you were auditioning? Were you nervous? Excited? Did you get the part? What was it? Did you have to sing or dance?

6.     Aubrey and her brother, Wyatt, are different in many ways. Sometimes they get along, and sometimes they don’t. Do you have a brother or sister? In what ways are you the same? In what ways are you different? How well do you get along?

7.     Aubrey has lived in the same small town her whole life. Have you always lived in the same town? What do you like most about it? What don’t you like? If you have lived in different places, where? What place did you like the best? If you could live anywhere other than the town you live in now, where would it be?

8.     Aubrey performs in a local history play. It’s about a girl who lived in Butte des Morts a long time ago. If you were to put on a play about your town’s history, who might be the main character or characters? Did something happen in your town’s history that would make a good plot for a play? Learn about your town’s history, and then write and perform a short play based on its most interesting people and events from the past.

9.     There are lots of animal characters in Aubrey’s Attic. Which one is your favorite? Why?

10.  Rachel is scared to be in a play. What do her friends do to help her get more comfortable?

11.  Tilisha’s ancestor was a runaway slave on the Underground Railroad. What was the Underground Railroad? Find out more about it, and about Wisconsin’s role in its operation.