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The 4 book covers of the O'Shaughnessy Series

This 4-book series by Wisconsin author Harold William Thorpe is an “epic tale of a bygone era.”  In turns riveting and wistful, the books tell the story of the O’Shaughnessy family pursuing their dreams and overcoming adversities with determination and grace.

Inspired by the authors’ own family, the series incorporates real people and places of southwestern rural Wisconsin against a backdrop of 20th century history.

In the first two books of The O’Shaughnessy Chronicles, readers get to know Will and his beloved wife, Mary, as they raise their family in the boom times of the 1920s and the struggles of the Great Depression. The third book, Puppet on a String continues the tale of the O’Shaughnessy family with a focus on the younger generation.

An award-winning, heartwarming family saga with charming cast of characters that readers will love.

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Now available: Strawberry Summer

The 4th and final book in the O’Shaughnessy Chronicles was released June 1st!

As she approaches her seventy-fifth birthday, Catherine O’Shaughnessy spends her days tending her English cottage garden and basking in her memories. Her life is disrupted when a nefarious force tries to scare her into leaving her home and an intercepted letter from long ago threatens her peace of mind. Some beloved friends from the past re-enter Catherine’s life, and she is suddenly confronted with several choices for her future. Could she start a new life—even a new business—when most people have settled into retirement?  Learn more.

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Bang Your Doors Off the Wall

Bang Your Doors Off the Wall

I drew upon the golden days of radio when I ventured into the modern world of podcasting. My experience on The Author Show was a good one! After the show went live I was able to keep this 14-minute recording of my interview. I’ve received great feedback from folks who listened and I hope you enjoy it too!

A Salute to All Farm Workers

A Salute to All Farm Workers

Society’s most important function is feeding its people. The United States does its share and more. U.S. farmers are some of the most productive workers in the world. The United State’s 2.1 million farms compose 2% of our labor force (1) and its 2.5 to 3 million...

Real Life Characters

The O’Shaughnessy Chronicles are a fictionalized account of author Harold William Thorpe’s family history. The Good Friends Storybooks are written for his grandchildren and are also inspired by real people and events. Meet some of the real life people who inspired the characters in Harold’s books.

Write Your Family Story Series

Think your family history might be interesting enough to be the basis of a historical novel? In the Write Your Family Story series, Harold William Thorpe, who turned his mother’s memoir into novels based on his family history in rural, Wisconsin, shares how to begin.

Write Your Family Story – Part 1: Recording your family’s history may have unexpected effects

In Part One of the Write Your Family Story series, Harold Thorpe explores how recording your family’s history may have unexpected effects.

Write Your Family Story – Part 2: Fiction vs Non-fiction

One of the first decisions you must make when writing your family story? Fiction or Non-fiction.

Write Your Family Story – Part 3: Your Goals and Active Verbs

Readers like stories that move. Make your family story more compelling with the help of that most useful fellow — the active verb.

Write Your Family Story – Part 4: Details, Details

Most family stories are told and written in simple narrative style. You need details to flesh out the story and make it come alive.

Write Your Family Story – Part 5: Tension

The ebb and flow of suspense in a novel is what keeps readers turning pages to the end. Tension is a must in a story. How do you create it and keep it going?

Write Your Family Story – Part 6: Essential Choices

If you decide to tell your story by writing it as family fiction, you’ve got choices to make. Many of these choices should precede your narrative summary writing.

Write Your Family Story – Part 7: Immediate Scenes

In part 7 of the series I demonstrate how a technique called “immediate scene” can breathe life into your family fiction story.

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About the Author

Harold William Thorpe grew up in southwest Wisconsin and spent many happy hours at his and his relatives’ farms. It wasn’t until retirement that he decided to fictionalize his mother’s memoirs. The result is the award winning O’Shaughnessy Chronicles. In addition he has written 4 children’s books, one for each of his grandchildren: The Good Friends Storybooks.

The O’Shaughnessy Chronicles

Based on Harold Thorpe’s own family history, the O’Shaughnessy Chronicles are a series of books set in Iowa County, Wisconsin in the early-to-mid 20th Century. Read on for synopses, reviews, outtakes, book club questions and to download free chapters.

Good Friends Storybooks

The first 3 Good Friends Storybooks are books for elementary school children that mix adventure, quirky talking animals, gentle lessons about friendship, and Wisconsin history.

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