Maybe you have notebooks filled with your family’s history.  Scribbled tidbits from interviews with departed loved ones, immigration tales and a box of yellowed documents.

Have you ever thought your family history might be interesting enough to be the basis of a historical novel?

How do you go about starting that writing process?

Harold William Thorpe, who turned his mother’s memoir into novels based on his family history in Iowa County, Wisconsin, shares how he approached this challenge in a series of articles called: Write Your Family Story.

Learn the how to begin your project and the techniques that will serve you best when writing Family Fiction.

There are currently 8 articles in the series. Check out these tips and insights, and then get going on capturing your family’s history!

Start here: go to Write Your Family Story Part 1: Recording Your Family Story May Have Unexpected Results

Originally published in 2014, we are actively updating all the articles in the Write Your Family Story series with new information and resources. In addition, we will be pulling all 8 articles together into a single downloadable PDF. Subscribe to receive the link to that document as soon as it is ready.

Happy writing!

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