Harold William Thorpe

Stories of our Grandparents. Stories for our Grandchildren.

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Harold William Thorpe grew up in southwest Wisconsin. He lived on farms for brief periods when he was very young and spent many happy hours at his relatives’ farms. During his teen years he detasseled corn and worked as a live-in farm laborer and Surge milking machine sales and service man. In his early 20s, he worked as a U.S. Department

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O’Shaughnessy Chronicles

Hands with corn

Based on Harold Thorpe’s own family history, the O’Shaughnessy Chronicles are a series of novels set in Iowa County, Wisconsin in the early-to-mid 20th Century.

Read on for synopses, reviews and to download free sample chapters.  

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Good Friends Storybooks

The Good Friends Storybooks are chapter books for middle school children that mix adventure, quirky talking animals, gentle lessons about friendship, and Wisconsin history.

Wyatt’s Woods, published by Little Creek Press in 2013, was the first of Harold Thorpe’s gifts to his four grandchildren – “A Good Friends Storybook” for each of them.

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Book covers

Harold William Thorpe’s award-winning books are available through Amazon, publisher Little Creek Press, and many local bookstores.

Recent News

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    In real life, my mother, Laura Annette Fitzsimons, graduated from Avoca School in rural Iowa County, Wisconsin in 1924. In my fictional O’Shaughnessy Chronicles novels, three sisters all graduate from a rural southwest Wisconsin high school between 1940 and 1943. Today, we tend to take high school graduation for granted. Today, about 90 percent of Wisconsin adults over the age of 25 have graduated from high school.

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