Grayson’s Garage

Cover of Grayson's Garage

Cover Art by Aaron Boyd

A Fox River tale about baseball, bones… and what matters most.

Grayson’s friend, Alex, needs an operation to fix his twisted foot. Then Alex could run fast, like the other boys on their baseball team. But Alex’s family doesn’t have the money for an operation. The Butte des Morts Lion’s Club is raising money for Alex, but it’s taking a long time. Grayson is impatient for his friend’s foot to be better.

He’s impatient, too, for his dad to finish building their new garage, so he can play in it. Then, work on the garage stops after some bones are dug up that might be historical. Just when Grayson thinks he can’t be patient any longer, his quirky new animal friends help dig up something else in the yard that might be worth a lot of money.

Now, Grayson must make a decision.  He can help Alex. Or, he can buy a new video game system, like his older cousin has.  Both are important to him. Which will he choose?


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